Mars Climbing Gym @ WE Fitness

Mars Climbing Gym at WE Fitness consists of a 40ft High and 12ft Wide Artificial Climbing Wall.

Artificial Climbing Wall

Climbing Wall is 40ft high climbing with 12ft wide climbing surface. It is an outdoor wall with two distinct climbing surfaces with different diffculty grades. Three climbers can climb simultaneously on the climbing wall. Top rope and Lead, both are possible on the climbing wall. Climbing wall is open to amateurs as well as professionals.

Regular climbers are trained under the supervision of National level climbers. Competitions are frequently organized for professional climbers and for novices as well. It is a frequent destination for corporate climbing events.

WE Fitness is the only fitness centre in India to have Climbing Wall and Bouldering Wall in one place. The Climbing Wall and Bouldering Wall can accommodate climbers from beginners to the most advanced. Wall climbing adds a new dimension to your workout regime. It’s an alternative to a conventional exercise routine. It lets you try something adventurous or it could just be done for fun.
The benefits of wall climbing include Physical - Grip strength, flexibility, balance, Strength, Cardio etc.
Technical - Positions and movement patterns
Mental - Memory, focus, motivation etc.

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